The Plan

Over the past year, Details Deconstruction and Brick + Board have embarked upon a project to deconstruct vacant houses across the city of Baltimore. No dynamite or wrecking balls here- the plan is to take the houses apart, floorboard by floorboard, joist by joist, and brick by brick.
The project is a pilot of sorts, a collaborative attempt between the City of Baltimore, Details, Brick + Board, local businesses and non-profits, and community members to tackle blight by deconstructing vacant houses. Unlike traditional demolition, the idea is to create: create jobs for local residents, create value by salvaging building materials, and ultimately create vital spaces where the vacant homes once stood. This blog will document the deconstruction process, but it will also tell the stories of the people who built these homes, the people who inhabited them, and the people who are deconstructing them.

10 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Very interesting working in and around old factories . The old buildings definitely tell a story . People will enjoy the hidden gems that you find along the way .


  2. I am interested in purchasing some reclaimed brick for use on the exterior of my house here in Catonsville.

    Do you have about 50 bricks? I can send you pictures of what I am trying to match. My brick is 8″ long, as well.

    Thanks! Carla


  3. We’re finishing our basement and are gong to have one brick wall. Our designer suggested brick veneer from this project and we love the story and everything about this project and are getting our brick veneer from Baltimore houses!


  4. I just happened upon this blog and found it quite inspiring. It’s always a shame to watch an old house crumble from disrepair. Almost like leaving your grandfather at a bus stop to die. Incidentally, I found you while I was researching the plaster used in 1920 rowhomes in Irvington, Baltimore. I was told that it may contain asbestos. Do you know anything about this? Mine is salmon colored, not white.


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