Brick + Board is Here!

Brick + Board
Of all the questions we get asked, perhaps the one most frequently posed is, “so, what do you guys do with all that stuff?” When you deconstruct a house, you’re left with a pile of materials that is essentially the same size as that house, if slightly consolidated. Our job doesn’t end when the house is fully deconstructed; we’ve still gotta figure out what to do with literally tons upon tons of salvaged building materials.


Fortunately for us, the materials we salvage are some of the nicest stuff on earth. Heart pine flooring, hand-molded brick, and rough-sawn lumber are hard to come by these days, and we’re thrilled that we get to lay our hands on such beautiful stuff.


Fortunately for you, there’s now a convenient outlet for these materials! That outlet is Brick + Board. When a century old Baltimore rowhouse reaches the end of the line, its bones deserve to live on, and we take pride in harvesting, preserving and preparing these materials for their next hundred years of life.


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