Find of the Day

Documenting an ongoing project through a blog is often an exercise in pacing: there can only be so many breathtaking, white-knuckled, big-reveal wowza posts, so a reliable bench of less revelatory material is necessary.
In ordinary circumstances, our last post on brick fingerprints would serve as the “gee, cool!” post. Some less thrilling content might follow in the days to come, while we held on to the next crowd-pleasing post for a later date.
These are not ordinary circumstances. Today is June 22nd, 2015. Presented without further comment is something we found on site today:

june22 brick

One thought on “Find of the Day

  1. I enjoy any Story that Shows the inner city is worth the effort to rebuild that is because my community on the South side of Chicago didn’t get the effort that Humanium is giving.


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