Friday Finds: How Do We Top Last Week? Edition

Friday Finds
It seems as though we’ve dug ourselves into quite the hole: last week, we found the find of all finds (especially if you’re as nutty about bricks as we are). How can we top this gem?
We can’t. But here’s an equally important artifact from another era:


It’s called a Video Home System cassette- apparently, there was a time when you couldn’t watch any movie in the universe by tapping into an amorphous system of interconnected computer networks. You had to actually go to a “movie store” and “rent” a “VHS tape” which you would then have to physically stick into a Videocassette recorder.


This particular cassette contained the 1982 movie Blade Runner, which looked ahead to the dystopian year 2019, when genetically engineered “replicants”, ordinarily relegated to menial work in space, were sneaking around Earth and being chased by Blade Runners. How prophetic!


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