Friday Finds: Hot Wax Edition

Friday Finds
Another twofer in this edition of Friday Finds: old vinyl records.
The first batch of records dates from the late 1940s. In this stack we actually have some rarities, or at least some deep cuts by folks who never quite made it big. There’s “Ain’t Nature Grand” by little known country songstress Esmereldy. Then there’s “Walking With My Shadow” by the Jimmie Valentine Quartet and “Boulevard of Memories” by jazz clarinetist/saxophonist/band leader Woody Herman. None of these songs made the Billboard Top 40, so it’s possible that an Eager Street denizen in the 1940s was a hipster who listened to bands nobody had ever heard of.
The second batch of records from a house just down the block features some more familiar artists:
If Ronald Isley’s outfit didn’t already give it away, these albums come straight from the 1980s. Midnight Love was Marvin Gaye’s last album before his untimely death at age 44. It featured what would become the biggest hit of his career, “Sexual Healing”. Reflections was Rick James’ first compilation album, featuring an extraordinarily clever reflecting (get it?!) record jacket.

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