Update: Our Bricks Find A Home


You’re looking at 9,360 Baltimore bricks on their way to new homes

The bricks that we’ve harvested from the houses on Eager Street were made 108 years ago. They’re tough bricks; no salmon bricks here, as the quality and durability of the bricks seems consistent across the foundation, the party walls, and both the front and rear walls. The bricks range in color, from a dark purple that we’ve started calling “pomegranate seed” to a lighter red that we’ll call “melon” (in keeping with the fruit theme). These bricks were made by man in concert with machine, and as such, bear imperfections and subtle differences in size and shape that ensure that no two bricks are identical. We think our bricks are pretty special.
We’re happy to report that we’re not the only ones. Stone Farm is a nationwide resource for reclaimed stone and brick, and as fellow brick enthusiasts, they recognized that we had something special over on Eager Street.
Stone Farm will be cutting our beautiful bricks into Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneers, which means that pieces of Eager Street will be sent to homes, bars, restaurants, and offices around the country. When our bricks were molded over one hundred years ago, it’s a safe bet that the folks at the Baltimore Brick Co. didn’t envision that their bricks would achieve second lives as the featured material in gorgeous interiors like the ones you see below.
In 1952, a Baltimore Magazine article about the city’s rich brick history quoted an earlier article that was already 125 years-old at press time:
“The clay in the neighborhood of Baltimore is so admirably adapted as to be the very best in the country; and this fact is sufficiently evident from the circumstance that the fronts of all the best houses in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and other large cities on the sea are built of Baltimore-made bricks”
We’re thrilled to see that this tradition of sending Baltimore bricks throughout the country will continue.

From Baltimore, with love


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