Meet The Crew: Orlando

Meet The Crew


On his background:

“I grew up in Sandtown, kind of a hard part of West Baltimore. Just like any other neighborhood, you do what you gotta do to get outta there. What made it hard was friends- being around the wrong friends who made bad decisions.”

On the difference between East and West Baltimore:

“I wouldn’t know anything about East because I grew up in West! I don’t even know the streets over there. But I’ve always been a familiar type of person, so working over East, it seems like West actually.”

On his experience in deconstruction so far:

“Oh man, it’s been an experience. Learning how to work with different equipment, being around different people, just a learning process. I don’t have a favorite part of deconstruction, I guess I like everything about it because it’s a really unique job and it teaches you. You can learn new things, you can also grow and carry new things on in life. Learn new trades, and everything like that. It gives people like me an opportunity to go out here and do the right thing and earn money.”

On working with old materials:

“I like it because we’re reusing something that was built years ago, and we’re doing it in the proper way. We’re learning that most things that we think are nothing, are really worth money.”

On the future of Eager Street:

“I would hope kids would be able to go outside and play. It was once, I think I heard someone say, it was a real bad neighborhood at one time, so I hope it’ll bring some light over there and open up new doors and new opportunities.”

On growing up in a rowhouse:

“I would think it’s like any other house, cause that’s the only house I ever lived in was a rowhouse. My dream is to make it to a house where I wouldn’t have any neighbors, but that’s a process!”

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