Homework Club

Voices From Eager Street

Image courtesy of Google Maps

2412 Eager Street is the house in the middle of the photo above, the one with the piece of plywood dangling from the second floor window. The photo is from 5 years ago, so when we began working on the house, the crooked plywood had fallen and the intact sheets had become even grayer.
During the early to mid 1990s, however, 2412 was a hub of activity in the neighborhood. The house served as the headquarters for the neighborhood “Homework Club”. Spearheaded by Ms. Janice and her neighbors, the club served as an unofficial rec center where kids could go to play, learn how to make pizza, and, of course, do homework.


Ms. Janice: “You never saw children run after school to come do homework. But we found out too that the classes that these children were in were so overcrowded that the teachers couldn’t see the kids that needed help. I would ask some of these kids that were in the fourth or fifth grade to write their address, like if they lived in 2410, they would write ‘2000, 400, 10.’ And I’m like ‘how can y’all be passing them?’ The teachers aren’t seeing this. So we started Homework Club right here, and their grades started going up.”
“It had to be about 20 years ago, because they’re grown now. One guy came to me, and he said ‘Ms. Janice, you don’t remember me?’ and I’m like ‘no.’ And he said ‘if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have graduated from Morgan State University with a degree in engineering.’ All because of Homework Club.”
In the first photo below, you can see Ms. Janice teaching kids how to make pizza. In the top right of the frame, you can make out the transom window over the rear door and the trim around the rear window. The second photo shows the rear door and window from the outside, as they appear today.



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