Friday Finds: Xmas Edition

Friday Finds


For 11 months out of the year, basements are the places for Christmas decorations, and the houses on the 2400 block of Eager Street are no exception.
In #2418, we found the “New Brite Lite Multiple Candelabra 15 Candle Outfit” pictured above. Judging by the wiring and the packaging, it dates from the 1950s. We also found a set of “Shiny Brite Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments”. It appears as though clever misspelling was a cool thing to do during the 1950s.


Shiny Brite was the brainchild of Max Eckardt who had been in the ornament business since 1907. Eckardt’s business largely relied on importing ornaments from Germany, but the Second World War forced him to change his strategy: he convinced the Corning Glass Company to adapt their light bulb manufacturing process to enable the mass production of ornaments. From the Corning plants, the ornaments were shipped to Eckardt’s factories where they were hand painted.
During the war, Shiny Brite was keen on emphasizing the American (as opposed to German) provenance of their wares. Front and center on the box is ‘AMERICAN MADE’ in bold text and an illustration of Uncle Sam shaking hands with Santa Claus.


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