Happy Holidays From Eager Street


Image courtesy of Google Books

Two brick-lit posts in one week? What a gift!
In the October 5, 1920 edition of the Brick and Clay Record, the editors suggested that December ‘twould be the season for spreading holiday cheer through brick-themed Christmas cards. “Officials of the association have put their heads together, and produced a fine set of Christmas cards…All winter scenes are used, each typifying an important use for brick.”

Image courtesy of Google Books

Below are some close-ups of the cards, 25,000 of which were made and sent out to the “building public.”


“May your home be invaded at this season with that good cheer that comes from the warmth and security of walls that exclude all unfriendly elements.”
“If it was not for brick, there would be no fireplaces. If there were not fireplaces, there would be no Santa Claus.”
Here in Baltimore, the Champion Brick Company (a relatively small outfit on the East side of town) put out their own Christmas card in 1947. Happy Holidays from bricklaying Santa and all of us on Eager Street.

Image courtesy of the Enoch Pratt Free Library


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