You Still Don’t Have to Take Our Word For it

We’ve already had Charles Varle tout our bricks as being both bold and beautiful, but his rave came from 1833. For a more recent review, we now turn to George Washington Howard, who wrote all about Baltimore bricks in his 1873 sketch of the city titled, “The Monumental City: Its Past History and Present Resources”.

Image courtesy of Google Books


“The clay in the vicinity of Baltimore, the finest in the world, is peculiarly adapted to the manufacture of Brick…The quality of Bricks made in the City is unsurpassed by that of any made in the world, as is evidenced by the fact that they are shipped to all seaport towns and along all the different railroad lines leading out of Baltimore.”


It’s true. As early as the mid 19th century (when high transportation costs meant that brickmaking was largely a local enterprise), prized Baltimore bricks were shipped to Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. We’ve picked, cleaned, and palletized about 75,000 bricks so far, so we can assure you that our bricks are every bit as solid as GWH’s endorsement.

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