Meet the Crew: Wandesa

Meet The Crew



On her new career in deconstruction:

“It’s been a good experience for me. It shows me the difference between demolition and deconstruction, and I prefer it this way. I do. I never knew that there was a lot you could salvage out of an old vacant house.”

On working with bricks:

“There are all different types of bricks. Lots of small differences between them, but I know them now. I work with them every day, so now I see them everywhere!”

On East Baltimore when she was growing up there:

“People used to get along back then, but now it seems like not too many people do that. But I think that if we all get together and recognize what our common problems are, we can come together as one, like the old days.”

On being a woman in the deconstruction site:

“Being a woman on a job site, it makes me feel that I know I can do things that a man can do, you know? There’s nothing that a woman can’t do.”

On what she hopes for Eager Street in the future:

“It’d be nice to have a park where people can sit and come enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy this beautiful view we have here.”


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