Friday Finds: Notebook Edition

Friday Finds
Upstairs in 2414 Eager Street, we found the school notebook of one Dorothy Bolden, who in 1963 was a student at Dunbar High School. Judging by the cover of the notebook, Ms. Bolden’s nickname might have been Bird. The notebook mostly covers Ms. Bolden’s English class: there’s an assignment about the Battle of Baltimore, a handy sheet about how to use the public library, and a wonderfully ironic list of “Words That Are Unfamiliar” which features three words: allusion, antithesis, and finally…alliteration. So good.


There’s also a wonderful entry from September 6th, 1963 (likely the first day of school) titled: “List at least 15 of the most pleasant ideas you know.” Presented for your enjoyment are 15 of Ms. Bolden’s most pleasant ideas:


  1. The smell of French Perfume
  2. Meeting well-mannered young men
  3. Purchasing a new complete wardrobe
  4. The sight of shiny new cars
  5. The ringing of the 2:30 bell
  6. Graduation Day
  7. Knowing that you can get what you want
  8. Gaining respect of others
  9. Having a hobby
  10. Having certain freedoms
  11. Falling in love
  12. Seeing a baby smile
  13. Owning your own car
  14. Seeing a smiling face
  15. Playing sports




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