Meet the Crew: Melvin

Meet The Crew


On his background:

“I grew up in East Baltimore, but originally, I go back to West. I’ve been living in Baltimore my whole life- I’m pretty much from this city.”

On Baltimore:

“Baltimore, as a city, was a very beautiful city at times. But a lot of people have moved away and we have a lot of vacancies now, thousands of houses that are vacant. What we’re trying to do is restore the city and bring people back to the city, because Baltimore is a beautiful place to live. Baltimore is my home, so I’d have to say the city is wonderful. “

On deconstruction:

“What we do with deconstruction, is we go into these old city houses and we salvage everything and try to save everything that we can, from the floors, to the bricks, to the lumber to the beams. Anything that can be reused, we use it.
It’s a mighty fine job. I’m learning a lot of experience from tearing down old houses and saving everything we can inside the house for reuse.
My favorite thing about deconstruction is watching and learning; the things that we take for granted are things that we throw away, to find out that it can be reused all over again.”

On the rest of the crew:

“All the guys that I work with on this project are wonderful. It’s a very good learning experience. We have good coworkers. We’re one team. We get the job done.”

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