Friday Finds: Shoe Edition

Friday Finds
The rowhouses on Eager Street have witnessed the passage of a century, and have stood tall through various eras and epochs in American history. During our first installment of Friday Finds, we highlighted various soda and beer bottles dating from the late 1940s, an era of American history filled with drive-ins, pleated dresses and post WWII jubilation. The second installment featured a newspaper from the mid to late 1930s, an era marked by the ongoing Great Depression and the imminent global war.
In our latest installment of Friday Finds, we’ll highlight an equally momentous period, the glorious era in American history when Patrick Ewing had his own shoe.


Granted, this Friday Find is a bit fresher than the others, but it’s an important artifact nonetheless. In 1989, Patrick Ewing was the first athlete to break away from the major shoe companies and create his very own shoe. He paved the way for such ringing successes as the Stephon Marbury’s “Starbury” shoe.
If it’s older finds you’re after, tune in next week!

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