The Mayor Visits Eager Street!

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Mayor Rawlings-Blake holds one of our beautiful bricks with the Details crew

It was a special day over on Eager Street, as we were lucky enough to get a visit from Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Mayor Rawlings-Blake highlighted the work we’re doing as a key component of the city’s Green Tracks program, an effort to create green space along the East Baltimore Amtrak Corridor.
Along with the mayor came a nice contingent from city hall, including folks from Baltimore Housing, Baltimore City Planning Department, the Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts, and the Baltimore Office of Sustainability. Add to that the dozens of community members, business owners, non-profiteers and members of the press that turned out, and we had our biggest in-person audience for the work we’re doing over there.

After Mayor Rawlings-Blake spoke, Ms. Janice, the unofficial Mayor of the neighborhood, gave a great speech to the crowd. (Photo courtesy of Doug Kapustin)

We use the word “we” intentionally. While the men and women of Details Deconstruction are the ones physically deconstructing the buildings, the project on Eager Street is a collaborative one in every sense. Projects of this scale require foundational support, backing by city hall, trust and input from the community, partnership with local businesses and a dedicated workforce. We’re fortunate to have all of these components working together towards common goals.

Bernadette shows the Mayor a thing or two about cleaning bricks!

After speaking to the crowd, Mayor Rawlings-Blake even got in on a little brick cleaning action. Bernadette showed the Mayor how to use our fancy new brick cleaning machine, displaying the masterful technique that’s cemented her reputation as the Queen of Brick Cleaning (QBC) on Eager Street. With Bernadette’s expert instruction, Mayor Rawlings-Blake did a great job on her first brick, and we’re happy to have her back any time to clean some more!


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