Meet the Crew: Alfred

Meet The Crew


On his background:

“Born and raised in West Baltimore. I made bad choices in my life. I chose to sell and use narcotics, and unfortunately it led me to going to institutions. But this job right here is a blessing to me and I’m gonna take full advantage of it because I have a granddaughter that I want to do things for.
Overall, I’m an easy going guy. I’m a handsome guy! I like to play basketball, any sport really- I’m a sports fanatic.What else can I say, man, I’m just blessed. I feel so good today because I’m getting a lot of things I want- I’m ready to get my own place, God willing get my own place, parents still alive and they’re very proud of me.”

On his work with Details so far:

“I like working around the guys and and the staff here, because they’re real friendly and they’ll help you in any way possible. There’s a lot of benefits, because I’m giving back to the community basically what I took away.”

On the benefits of deconstruction:

“I’m new at a lot of this stuff. I used to just tear stuff down. Deconstruction is different than demolition. I usually just tear stuff down, but deconstruction you salvage a lot of stuff and make a little more profit out of it. And the more we save, the more money comes for us and the more doors open for other people. I’m hoping that someone that hears me doing this interview will listen to what I’m saying and turn their life around, or at least attempt to turn their life around.
It can uplift the city. Baltimore has a lot of vacant houses, man. It’s too many vacant houses in Baltimore city. Other cities, it would be a blessing for them, let us come do some work for them too so we can help them out as well.”

On his favorite part of deconstruction:

“My favorite part about is working with people I don’t know that I just met. Learning how to use tools and build and background, build a foundation so that if the time comes when I have to leave this job and go somewhere else, it wouldn’t be so hard for me to explain to them that I know how to do certain things. “

On the hardest part of deconstruction:

“Hardest part about deconstruction is when it rains I can’t get no work! As long as y’all show people how to do it, there’s nothing hard about it. “

On bricks:

“Bricks. I never knew that these bricks could hold up 100 some years and still be good enough to use to build other houses. I learned how to clean them. It’s easy. There’s nothing to it. Bricks are amazing. I like working with them. “

One thought on “Meet the Crew: Alfred

  1. Well done Alfred.excellent positive attitude to have.I was also raised on the West side of Baltimore,but 1 mile west of the city border,i ve lived overseas now for 15 yrs,but i love hearing about projects in Baltimore,especially ones like this,where houses are literally being re-cycled.All the best to you in both this project and future endeavors.M


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