Friday Finds: Bottle Edition

Friday Finds
Bottle graveyard
Hidden within the bones and bowels of the 35 houses on Eager Street are over one hundred years’ worth of history and artifacts. Every Friday, we’ll highlight some of the things we’re finding on site.
Directly behind 2338, several feet under the ground, we found a stash of dozens of bottles. Most were in shards, but we were able to unearth a few in perfect shape.
We’re all familiar with 7-Up- this bottle dates from the late 1940s. The one next to it appears to be an old Natty Boh bottle, probably dating from the same period.
It’s a little bit harder to find info about High Rock, a soda company based here in Baltimore. Any intrepid bottle hunters out there know anything about this bottle?!
Arrow Beer was brewed between 1937 and 1963 by Baltimore’s Globe Brewery. The paper labelled specimen above dates from the mid 1940s. For those who enjoy reading about beer bottles as much as consuming their contents, check out this article.

One thought on “Friday Finds: Bottle Edition

  1. I found this information below on an antique bottle forum. It’s quoted from a book on the H.R. Nicholson Company :

    “[The H.R. Nicholson Company] developed a ginger ale recipe at the request of independent Baltimore bottler Louis A. Fine, who was looking for both a golden and pale dry ginger ale to sell through small ‘ma and pa” stores, the beverage was called HIGH ROCK ginger ale; a 24 oz bottle sold for 10 cents. In the 1930s, High Rock was the largest selling ginger ale in Baltimore.
    When High Rock’s bottling company was passed on to son Albert Fine, a bad business advice spelled disaster for the brand. To save money and increase profit margins, Fine ended up switching to a lower quality of ginger ale extract from a different supplier. That decision spelled disaster for High Rock Ginger Ale and the company folded.”

    Forum thread:


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