Purple, White and Read All Over

All the following photographs were beautifully shot by Matthew Kuborn (@mkuborn) and appear here courtesy of ICY Signs.
In some photographs we’ve posted thus far, you may have noticed splashes of purple or white paint on broken chunks of formstone, or maybe you’ve found yourself saying, “Hmmm, that house sure looks like it has the letter ‘F’ painted on it.” Here’s why: our deconstruction site happens to be the site of a block-long mural by THE Steve Powers (aka ESPO) and we can’t tell you how lucky we feel to work in the same space.
Powers is a public artist par excellence, who has transformed walls from Philly to Belfast into canvasses for his distinctive murals, where seemingly prosaic subject matter (often snippets of recently shared conversation) is elevated towards poetry through bright color, gorgeous typography and a potent cocktail of irony, context, and place.
Baltimore is the latest city to receive one of Powers’ “Love Letters”, and the mural on Eager Street, completed in June, was a teaser of sorts for future works that will be popping up around the city as part of a project sponsored by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts.


As for the messages on Eager Street: During conversations with community members, the idea of unity among residents cropped up again and again, and Powers felt that “FOREVER TOGETHER” expressed this sentiment nicely. For the last house on the block (also the last one we’ll be deconstructing) Powers painted a quote from a man named Mr. Chris who has lived in the neighborhood for 20 years; during an especially violent period in the area, friends asked Mr. Chris why he didn’t move. “I’m here because because it’s home,” he replied. Please click through and enjoy the photographs below, all of which were taken by Matthew Kuborn (@mkuborn), courtesy of ICY Signs.

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