Preparing for the deluge

palletsNow that the joists have been cut from the first few houses on Eager Street, the structures consist of little more than brick, mortar and roofing material (rafters, inch-thick decking, several generations of various tar-based substances). The bricks from these century-old structures will soon relinquish their roles as structural rowhouse particles and will assume new lives as reclaimed antique bricks in historic preservation projects, patios, pathways, commercial and residential interior accents, pizza ovens, art projects and even new construction.
But before they can attain these reincarnated states, the bricks must be brought down from the houses, cleaned, stacked, and packaged. In Phase One of the project, we’re aiming to salvage around 21,000 bricks from the first seven houses on Eager Street. Managing that sort of quantity can be overwhelming, so before the first brick is removed, we’re setting up a staging area and organizing all of the tools and materials we’ll need for efficient processing. The photo above shows the crew unloading the first of dozens of pallets we’ll be filling over the next few weeks.

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