Meet the crew: Dave

Meet The Crew

On his background:

I was born and raised in Baltimore, the majority of my life I’ve been in West Baltimore. I’m interested in anything that’s demanding. I like to do anything that’s demanding. I’m a cement mason by trade.”

On what he expected from the Eager Street project:

“I’ve been doing this work off and on for 8-10 years. I didn’t really know what to expect because we were used to just trashing things, just throwing everything away, so the whole recycling and reselling is new to me. It’s a learning experience and I’ve learned a lot- I actually like doing it.”

On what the project means for Baltimore:

“I would like to see this spread across my city, actually. I think that it’s a good look for the city. It creates a different atmosphere. And with a different atmosphere, people change, ideas change- people change when things around them change…With something like this project, I would like to see it done widespread, and more people get involved with it, because this is honestly the first time I’ve ever been a part of something like this, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

On his new job in deconstruction:

“I wake up every morning ready to come to work, not only because I’ve been out of work for a while, but for a person like me, I have to enjoy what I’m doing, and I actually enjoy what I’m doing. I don’t have any parts of this job that I do not like.”

On bricks:

“Bricks are tricky. Once you get a feel for what’s going on, it’s easy, but bricks are tricky. They can be tricky in size, in color. For instance, with face brick and common brick, you’ve got some face brick that look like common brick and some common brick that look like face brick!”

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