revealing the bones of #2328 and #2330

A century-old house is a bit like a palimpsest; over the years, the surface changes through periods of addition and subtraction, but the essential form remains recognizable. After several days spent unscrewing drywall, ripping down plaster and lath, tearing out carpet and removing wall framing, the original bones of the first two houses on Eager Street started to emerge.















The photos above show the first house on Eager Street, #2328, before and after the interior guts. Layers of renovations have been stripped away to reveal the house as it was built in 1907. The photos below show the second house on Eager Street, #2330. Because paneling, linoleum, tile ceilings and drywall offer limited options for reuse or resale, these materials were loaded into a dumpster where they will be sorted and recycled.

2330before copy

2330after copy

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