room to work

Our game plan had been to use both front and rear entrances to allow for a constant flow of salvaged material. Standing in the way of this plan was a rear alley that had become choked with illegally dumped rubble and debris. Fast-growing Pawlonia, Tree of Heaven and Mulberry trees had sprouted from the concrete, and thick chest-high weeds made rear access to the houses nearly impossible.

Before: The alley behind Eager Street was choked with weeds, rubble, and debris.

To manage the vegetation and give ourselves some room to work, we decided to skip what would have been 3 weeks of weed-whacking and we called in the big boys. An excavator grubbed the alley, allowing for easy and safe entry into the rear of the houses and leaving us a flat surface for de-nailing lumber and palletizing brick. Every shred of material that goes into that red can gets sorted and recycled.

After: Seen from the opposite angle, the alley has been cleared of material, giving us access to the rear of the houses and opening up some space for processing salvaged material.


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